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IAICS conference

Dear colleagues,we have a wonderful chance to take part in the International conference in FEFU.Take a look if you are interested.



Call for Papers

The 19th International Conference of the International
Association for Intercultural Communication Studies (IAICS)

Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok, Russian Federation
Vladivostok, Russia, October 3-5, 2013

Intercultural communication is becoming more and more fundamental and interdisciplinary in the 21st century when people of the world are more mobile than ever before and are mutually interconnected and interdependent. It is turning into a global dominant paradigm covering a great variety of disciplines. Scholars and laymen are more aware nowadays of the necessity to develop good intercultural relations, the key to which is the understanding of each other in the context of cultural interaction. Most countries are becoming more diverse, which increases the risk of communication failures and misunderstandings due to ethnocentrism, prejudice, racism, sexism and other challenging issues. In this context, the theme of the conference focuses on understanding that covers a great variety of aspects of interpersonal, inter-group and international communication. The problems of global communication posed by the present state of the discipline require more attention to both theoretical and empirical studies developing new conceptual and methodological issues.

The goals of the Conference:

·          to provide scholars, educators and practitioners from different cultural communities with opportunities to interact, network and benefit from each other’s research and expertise related to intercultural communication issues;
·          to synthesize research perspectives and foster interdisciplinary scholarly dialogues for developing integrated approaches to complex problems of communication across cultures;
·          to advance the methodology for intercultural communication research and disseminate practical findings to facilitate understanding across cultures;
·          to foster the idea of importance of cultural awareness in contemporary world and to encourage the involvement of educators, business professionals, students and other stakeholders throughout the world in discussing diversity and intercultural communication issues

The International Association for Intercultural Communication Studies is soliciting submissions for the 19th International Conference on Cross-Cultural Communication to be held at Far Eastern   Federal University (Vladivostok), the largest university in the Russian Far East, October 3-5, 2013. Topic areas are broadly defined as, but not limited to, the following:

-          Understanding across cultures
-          Critical cultural awareness
-          Communication failures
-          Nonverbal communication
-          Intercultural communication in global context
-          Intercultural communication in Asia-Pacific region
-          Russia in Asia-Pacific region
-          Diversity of languages and cultures
-          Linguistics and intercultural communication Studies
-          Translation studies
-          Intercultural communication and politics
-          In the aftermath of APEC 2012
-          Intercultural interaction in science
-          Media and social research
-          New media and globalization
-          International journalism
-          Cross-cultural adaptation
-          Intercultural communication competence
-          Religion/spiritual communication
-          Corporate culture and management
-          Advertising and marketing
-          Conflict, mediation and negotiation
-          Localization and globalization
-          Intercultural education practices
-          Ethnic studies
-          Geopolitics and national interests
-          Philosophy and human behavior patterns
-          Psychological communication studies
-          Health communication
-          Group/Organizational communication across cultures
-          Crisis/risk communication and anti-terrorism
-          Interpersonal communication and relations
-          Gender issues
-          Culture and diplomacy
-          National security and internet freedom
-          Cultural Identity
-          Public opinions and public policy
-          Immigration and mobility
-          Racial discrimination and ethnic relations
-          Stereotypes and stereotyping
-          Multiple cultures and interculturality

Guideline for Submissions

Categories: Abstract, panel proposal, and workshop proposal may be accepted.

  • Abstract, 150-250 words in English, including position, affiliations, email addresses and mailing addresses for all authors. See the sample format of the abstract below.
  • Panel proposal reflecting the conference theme may be submitted. All panel proposals should provide a 100-word rationale and 100-200 word abstract of each panelist's paper, affiliation and email addresses of all panelists.
  • Workshop proposals relevant to the conference theme may be submitted. Proposal is expected to be 3-5 pages in length, single spaced

Deadline: Please submit abstracts and complete panel proposals by April 1, 2013. All submissions will be peer-reviewed.

Submission to: iaics2013dvfu@gmail.com

Conference hosts: International Association for Intercultural Communication Studies and Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU)

Conference languages: English and Russian

Sample Abstract

The Development and Validation of the Intercultural Sensitivity Scale

Guo-Ming Chen, Ph.D.
Department of Communication Studies
University of Rhode Island
Kingston, RI 02881, USA

The present study developed and assessed reliability and validity of a new instrument, the Intercultural Sensitivity Scale (ISS). Based on a review of the literature, 44 items thought to be important for intercultural sensitivity were generated. A sample of 414 college students rated these items and generated a 24-item final version of the instrument which contains five factors. An assessment of concurrent validity from 162 participants indicated that the ISS was significantly correlated with other related scales, including interaction attentiveness, impression rewarding, self-esteem, self-monitoring, and perspective taking. In addition, the predicted validity test from 174 participants showed that individuals with high ISS scores also scored high in intercultural effectiveness and intercultural communication attitude scales. Potential limitations and future direction of the study were discussed as well.

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