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Страницу ведет Ищенко Татьяна Викторовна, учитель английского языка МОУ СОШ №7, официальный представитель FEELTA  в Находке.

              Итоги за лето 2013 года.

Tatiana Ischenko,
Deputy director on Foreign Languages Education,
Public school #7 “Edelweiss”,Nakhodka

                                     British Council summer school.

      June 7-18,2013 British Council Russia and Academy of In-service teacher training Russia organized a Summer school based on BC CiSELTt Course for local and regional teacher trainers and EL methodologists. 25 participants from all over Russia were selected and this school was held in Moscow on the basis of Academy.
   It was 10 day intensive course for EL specialists and teacher educators, focusing on developing teacher and teacher trainer skills and competencies .English was the language of instruction and we had wonderful Jane Hoatson from British Council Italy who conducted lots of sessions and professional team of experienced trainers who were with us during the school.
    The overall aim of the school was to rise the awainers of participants in communicative EL methodology, as well as rising our capability to use modern teaching instructions and approaches. This course also included components of teacher training course evaluation and design of a teacher training session.
    The content was designed by the course director and tutors to enable  participants to develop capacity as teachers and teacher trainers in a practical and interactive way.
    The course was really intensive and we had classes since 9 am till 7pm with short lunch break.
All teachers worked in 5 groups and we were grouped and regrouped several times during the day and it helped us to know each other better and felt ourselves as  students. British Council gave us lots of information on WEB resources ,techniques for teachers and students as well. The highlight event of the Course was a Microsession Presentation. Each group was given some theme to develop for presentation. It was a real challenge! For all of us it was an unforgettable experience!

At the end of the course we created some rules for a good teacher trainer:
Make your session effective;
Impress the audience with your creativity
Challenges are great! Enjoy them.
Remember: Help is always at hand
Organize your time;
Share responsibilities;
Speak confidently;
Share you ideas;
Implement the knowledge during the course;
Never forget to be patient, positive and tolerant.

      British Council gave us a lot of opportunities to get knew knowledge, to meet new friends all over Russia, to share our experience and to be involved in the World culture, visiting Pushkin Art Gallery (Pre-Raphaelites’ exhibition),participating in Reading ceremony(British writers presentation) and having fun at the Beatles Party.
       In conclusion I should say that every teacher can use  British Council online recourses for teaching English and for further development in teaching as a profession.               -professional development            -teaching  adults

Alexandra Prokopyeva,
English teacher, school #7 “Edelweiss”,Nakhodka

                                     English summer camp in Nakhodka. 
In 24-th of June English summer camp opened its doors for children of all around Nakhodka for the third time. For me it was the first experience and it was amazing! It is difficult to describe all my feelings in some sentences because CAMP – it is a small life, it’s a style of life and it is checking every person how he can work in team and individually. Here you can clearly understand not only other people but firstly yourself. For me all those 10 days passed very fast but they were full, rich and fascinating. From the early morning and till the midday all of us were very busy: some lessons in the morning such as computer class, country study, la-la-la room and holidays, then after dinner everybody were getting ready for the concert or competition and a big show at the end of the day. Each day in the camp had its own theme: sport, carnival, president day, dance battle, etc. And of course it was very interesting for each student to live a small life as a president or sportsmen during only for one day. We also had a camp website, so our students and their parents could follow for the camp life. I really liked my group of 19 girls and boys with a lot of humor. Everyone of them was clever, intelligent, bright. And of course I can not help saying about our English language fellow Rob Danin and Fulbright teacher Kathleen Keefe. It was a great and good opportunity to improve our English and we knew a lot of new information about USA, especially about Colorado (Rob Danin is from this state). And I want to tell special thanks to coordinator of this camp Ishchenko Tatyana Viktorivna who organized our time very brilliant. On a par with studying she organized two interesting tours: excursion to the Paleo Village and tour around Nakhodka. I am sure that experience we collected during the weeks in the ESC-2013 will stay in our minds for a lifetime. I liked very much that I could take part in such event. I would never forget these days!

Коллеги уникальная возможность поучиться бесплатно на  он-лайн курсах.

Kim Williams, who used to work in PA of the American Embassy in Moscow, keeps helping us be aware of new tendencies in the use of IT in the Classroom. You have a unique opportunity to learn "How To Teach With Technology". Kim always tries to find resources that teachers can use for free and she is a real expert in it.

Уважаемые коллеги,
Новый учебный год предстоит быть насыщенным и как всегда разнообразным.

Вашему вниманию предлагаем ссылки для повышения компетенции учителя английского языка, а также полезные сайты для обучения аудированию и говорению.


1. Far Eastern English Language Teacher’s Association
2. International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language
3. Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages
4. official USA embassy site
5. English Language Teaching in the Russian Federation 
6. webinars and video lectures 
7. internet version
8. Centre of excellence
9. Interactive webinars
10. center of distance learning
11. global community for ePals.
12. over 10,000 pages of free children's activities
13. Oxford project for teachers
14. web-site for English teachers
15. here you can find seminars for English teachers 
16. the site where EFL Teachers' Associations of Russia meet
17. The E-Teacher Scholarship Program courses explore major areas of the academic specialty of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). The program offers nine innovative, online, graduate level classes to English teaching professionals outside of the United States through the University of Oregon.
18. Students can listen to native American English speakers; students can broaden their outlook and learn a lot of interesting things and facts about American life, history, culture; “Article topics” (the classroom) can be used for studying certain topics and expanding the vocabulary on it and , of course , for listening to and the discussion. 
19. there are nice funny stories to listen to and some advices how to learn English
20. It’s a very good website for students of different levels (the listening is divided on levels- easy, medium, difficult) ; there are on-line before, while and after listening activities , you can also check your answers.
21. Students will be highly motivated in this listening because here you can find what’s interesting for them (news they are discussing); It’s great site for busy teachers! You can just take what you like and use printouts ; There are exercises for all steps of listening (pre-listening, while-listening and after-listening);Very interesting and useful activities in “Quizzes” –matching, hangman for expanding and checking vocabulary.
23. there are a lot of amazing video and songs. Students like such things. Students can check their understanding of video or song doing interactive multiple-choice activities. 
24. can use it for preparing lesson plans . There are step-by-step plans. Topics for conversation are interesting for students. There are a wide choice of conversation activities – role plays, debates, etc. 
25. It’s worthy site for learning phonetics. Students can check their knowing of sounds in “sounds and spelling” and in quizzes. There is very helpful “the sounds of English”, where native speaker shows and explains with explains how to pronounce sounds. There are also very informative radio programs about pronunciation with their script.
26. are a lot of articles for listeni

Добрый день!

24 марта, 12:00-16:00 Генеральное Консульство США и Американские советы по международному образованию проводят ВЫСТАВКУ УНИВЕРСИТЕТОВ США. 

Выставка будет проходить в здании театра «Андерграунд» во ВГУЭС. 
В этот же день во ВГУЭС будет проходить День Открытых Дверей, а также Выставка университетов Японии. 
Мы приглашаем учащихся вашей школы и учителей посетить все эти события, которые являются важными для профориентации старшеклассников. 
 В приложении к этому письму находится объявление, которое можно распечатать и поместить на информационный стенд. 
Мы и ваши ученики будем благодарны за это.

Впервые в наш город приедут директора приемных пяти американских вузов 

Ohio State University 
Savannah College of Art and Design
Pace University
Clinton Community College 
State University of New York – Plattsburg

Посетители выставки смогут получить информацию о летних языковых курсах, сертификационных программах и программах повышения профессиональных знаний, а также о программах степени Бакалавра, Мастера/Магистра в огромном спектре специальностей таких как – экономика, управление бизнесом, финансы, маркетинг, сестринское дело, сельское хозяйство, психология, биология, математика, средства массовой коммуникации, компьютерные науки, политология, социология, инженерные науки, дизайн (интерьеров, графический, индустриальный и тд), искусство театра, мода, реклама, телевидение, киноиндустрия и многое другое. 

Консультационный центр EducationUSA разработал специальный буклет с более детальной информацией о программах, предлагаемых университетами. 
Кроме этого, в Буклете содержатся полезные советы о том, как подготовиться к общению с представителями вузов, информацию о том какие вопросы необходимо обязательно им задать, чтобы не упустить уникальную возможность получить информацию лично от сотрудников приемных комиссий. Буклет можно найти на сайте Американских советов по международному образованию

Приглашаем школьников и их родителей, студентов, молодых специалистов и зрелых профессионалов посетить Выставку университетов США во Владивостоке!

24 марта, 12:00-16:00, г. Владивосток, ул. Гоголя 41 , Зимний сад (здание театра «Андерграунд») 

29 февраля в 13.30  в МБОУСОШ №7 "Эдельвейс" встреча с Mike Hurley, the Minister Counselor for Public Affairs at U.S. Embassy Moscow.
Приглашаются учителя английского языка школ города и по 2-3 учащихся.

The theme of Mike Hurley presentation is ""From USSR to Russia - View of an American Diplomat".

                                                                Michael J. Hurley's BIO
Michael J. Hurley is a native of Seattle, Washington USA.  A child of the 1950s, he grew up with a passion for soccer, history, jazz and the bicycle.  A graduate of the University of Washington, Hurley moved to Washington, D.C. to complete a graduate degree in Soviet studies at George Washington University.  Hurley toured the Soviet Union as a guide for USIA exhibits beginning in 1973 (Outdoor Recreation), having studied in Leningrad for a summer in 1972.  He joined Meridian House 1977-85 as a program officer and entered the Foreign Service in 1985.  His first post overseas was Kuala Lumpur, followed by Moscow, Surabaya, Washington, Moscow, Washington, Budapest and Moscow.  Hurley is currently the Minister Counselor for Public Affairs at U.S. Embassy Moscow.  Wife Marlena, daughters Julia and Erin, and sons John and Alexander.  And Leila the dog.  

Pan-Asian Conference
Language Teaching and Learning (PAC) 2012
and 9th FEELTA International Conference

“Learning Languages – Building Communities”
The Far Eastern English Language Teachers’ Association invites proposals for their conference on language teaching and learning to be held November 1-4 (Thursday – Sunday), 2012 at Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok, Russia
Hosted by: The Far Eastern Federal University
Deadline for the receipt of proposals: May 31, 2012

About the Conference Theme

Our conference theme highlights the role of language learning in building communities. Whereas the learning of the mother tongue enhances solidarity with speakers of that language, a foreign language allows us to build communities which transcend national and cultural boundaries: we are liberated from communities which we belong to by accident of birth and free to form communities with people from around the world.
Recent language teaching philosophy has focused on the “community of learners”. This concept directs our attention to the fact those studying a language very often learn from each other, benefit from having near-peer role-models and develop both as language learners and as people thanks to the solidarity they feel with other learners.
And, we must not forget that we, language teachers constitute a community. Whether we see this as a “community of practice,” sharing certain approaches and ideas, or as “one happy family of language teachers” will probably depend on whether we are sitting in a conference session or relaxing at one of the social activities planned by the conference committee.


Proposals are invited for conference presentations in the following categories:
  • short papers (25 minutes)
  • papers (50 minutes)
  • panels (110 minutes)
  • workshops (110 minutes)
  • poster sessions (displayed all day – presenters are expected to stand by their posters ready to explain and discuss them, for 60 mins.)

Other sessions

There will also be a Materials Share Fair and Publishers’ Displays. We are planning to publish Proceedings and presenters are encouraged to submit their paper during the conference.

Topic Areas

  • English in the Pacific Rim Countries
  • Teaching Methods
  • Cultural Issues
  • English for Specific Purposes
  • CALL, Technology and Multimedia
  • Materials Writing
  • Teaching Literature and Arts
  • Teacher Development and Education
  • Interpreting and Translating
  • Linguistics
  • Other Languages
  • Global Issues in Language Education
  • Area Studies

Materials to be submitted

  • application form
  • a title of up to 10 words
  • an abstract of not more than 150 words, for peer review
  • a summary of between 50 and 75 words, to be printed in the programme
  • a self-introduction of not more than 25 words
Submissions may be made,
by email to:
by regular mail to Far Eastern English Language Teachers’ Association, Room 325, Aleutskaya St., 56, Vladivostok, 690600 RUSSIA


Each room has a chalkboard and a presenter table. Check any other equipment required on the list below. Please help us by indicating equipment requirements now, rather than in the days before the conference.
  • OHP
  • Audio-cassette player
  • VHS video player (NTSC, PAL, and SECAM available)
  • Multi-media projector
  • PC to connect to the data-projector

For further information


FEELTA website

Dear colleagues,here's a link of the seminar in Nakhodka, January, 25, 2012

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