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Новая концепция устной части ЕГЭ по иностранным языкам

Dear Colleagues,
 "Connecting People" (Nokia) or the XIIth Umbrella Conference "From Reflection to Action” in Tula on September 20-22
 About 60 representatives of various EFL Teachers' Associations were invited to participate in two-day brainstorming discussions about the projects for this academic year. 
   The tone was set by Prof. Svetlana G. Ter- Minasova who gave full support to a new project "Fostering Tolerance and Cultural Awareness Through English Language Teaching (ELT)". ELO Frances Westbrook caused a thrill of excitement presenting a new project "Research and Publication: Breakthrough to International Standards”. The idea of the project is to help Russian EFL teachers develop their research and writing skills, leading to publication in peer-reviewed journals. Prof. Elena Solovova's presentation on new standards was an eye-opener for many, and she also launched a new idea, a project entitled "Appreciating Diversity" that will help our students to develop presentations about their regions in excellent English with the use of multimedia. Associate Professor Ludmila Kozhevnikova's presentation was the talk of the gathering as her topic "Speaking part of EGE" is so topical.
   The English Language Access Microscholarship Scholarship group was numerous, including approximately 20 leaders across Russia. They shared best practices and created plans for further development of this unique project.
 All reports from Umbrella will be soon available at a new NATE site http://nate-russia.ru and at http://www.elt-russia.ru Meantime you can get a full report at TSPU webpage - get to the bottom - you could download Prof. Mariya V. Verbitskaya's Power Point presentation on the Speaking part of EGE as well as proceedings of the conference: http://tsput.ru/about_us/activities/international_cooperation/news.php?ELEMENT_ID=19212
 So much has been discussed and achieved thanks to the organizers which include TUELTA, headed by its President Zhanna Fomicheva, and her colleagues Anastasiya Khodakova and Nataliya Ulyanova, who followed the slogan "Making great things possible" (Globe Telecom) and turned an impossible mission into a reality that everyone enjoyed ( see photos at FB pages of TUELTA, ELTA-Urals, ATES)

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